Welcome to Minartesia's site for nature and landscape photography and other creations.


Since an early age, as I grew up in Canada, I have always been fascinated by the beauty of mother Earth' s nature across seasons. My passion for drawing, painting (watercolor), and writing poetry reflects my admiration for our surroundings. I later on became acquainted with photography to capture those special moments.

One of my specialty resides in Photo Impressionism, conveying sensations through an image created by the camera. This creative technique results in photographs that are unique. Each person may have different feelings or interpretations while looking at the photo.


In this site, you will find a variety of unique and original photographs and items, from framed prints, calendars, and textile creations.


You can purchase prints and other products through different vendors.

Feel free to browse and contact me for specific needs.


It is my pleasure to share with you my creations and bring you some joy!